Your Book – Write it or Hire a Writer?

You have a message or a story that lives inside you, something you deeply wish to share with others. It’s part of the human experience that as we look at our lives and world long enough, there is wisdom – or at least a few great stories – which we want to send out into […]

Books, books, books!

Big day yesterday! Handed over the manuscript to my editor of the second in my Kelsey Cormack Ghost Mystery series, called “Chance of Death”. Can’t wait to share more details in the next few weeks! Also, I’m working on a new non-fiction book called Work Time Money Intention. It’s a book of essays, interviews, and […]

Ask Good Questions

We’re curious, right? When you have a story to tell, it’s because you were curious about one or many things and dug deep to see what you could find. Then, the “aha” moment, the ephiphany, or even the gradual understanding comes and we want to share it. It all started with asking the right questions. […]

Big, Wide World Beckons

Traveling is a love/hate thing with me. For years, I waited to travel to more exotic places than going home to Minnesota. Traveling was expensive and I could never decide on one place. The siren call of foreign locales wooed me, whispering to my heart and sense of adventure. But my wallet wouldn’t support those […]

Nothing Missing

The last weekend in August, I had the privilege of going to Baltimore, MD for a workshop with Jim Drescher, co-founder of Windhorse Farm ( It was a leadership conference for sangha leaders in Shambhala, which is a Buddhist community and lineage I’m part of. I didn’t really know what to expect, and I didn’t […]

When a Book Gets Released and You Forget to Post About it!

So here I am, doing things out of order…My newest release came out on April 11, 2016 and I have not updated this website. It’s hard to make time for everything, so I end up doing things backwards!  But here it is…. You can get a copy of  Designed For Death: A Kelsey Cormack Ghost […]

Coming Soon… my newest book

  Here’s the new book cover- can’t wait to share the new book with you all this weekend! Hope to have it out on Amazon (Kindle), Kobo, and Itunes before the weekend is over. Amazon will be the first, and the others will follow suit. Have a beautiful day, Andrea  

Good to be back!

Have a cup of tea with me? I’m sipping my second cup of Anhui Grand Keemun, a malty, smooth black tea. As I worked to get this site back online, the tea got cold, but it’s still delicious. A few months ago I took down my website because I was having a lot of issues […]